Teen Birthday Parties

Teen Parties at Brechin Lanes are custom-made for teens ages 13-18. At Brechin Lanes, we are experienced in Teen and 'Tween' parties and we throw the perfect events which will meet the demands of any hard-to-please teens! Our Very Important Teen package parties feature Glow Bowling - the latest loud music and light show will not stop while the party is on.  You can also choose to add some delicious food to satisfy your teens' appetites!


  • Extra-large cheese pizza: $16.99  (10 Big Slices)
  • Extra-large Pepperoni ($20.49) or Hawaiian Pizza ($22.79) (10 Big Slices)
  • Plate of Nachos: $13.39
  • Kingpin Appy Platter: $36.89 (serves 6-8): includes onion rings, wings, deep fried pickle spears,
    mac & cheese wedges, pork dry ribs, four dipping sauces
  • Glow necklaces: $2.00 each
  • Goodie Bags $3.99
  • Candy Bags $1.69
  • Popcorn - Regular $2.59 / Family Size $5.99

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